All About Me


Hello everyone!!!!!

If you’re visiting this site it means you must have some interest in my writing, for which I am extremely appreciative! I have to admit that this whole blogging thing is very new to me. I’ve never been big on social networking. You won’t find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other hot commodity people use to make sure the world knows all their business. Not knocking anyone who likes that sort of thing, I’m just a much more private person. At the same time, I love writing and have decided, after being encouraged by friends and family, to follow my dream of becoming a published author. So far, my impression is: Who knew it would be so hard!!!??? Foolish as I am, I always thought you wrote a book, found an agent that liked it, and voila! you were a published author. Not quite that simple! It took me about a year to write my first novel, a sexy women’s fiction called Savannah. I got my inspiration from my hopeless addiction to soap opera (Y&R and B&B are my drugs of choice) combined with the much more tamed storylines found in my favorite author, Debbie Macomber’s, Cedar Cove novels. So, I got to writing….and rewriting when my aunt (who is also a Y&R junkie) said it wasn’t hot enough. In other words, it needed more sex. So, I added, deleted, and added again. Once I was confident I had a deliciously sexy page turner, I began submitting it to agents. Enter Rejection Row. One after another. So far I’ve gotten 3 partials and 1 full request. All ended up sending a nice “Thanks but no thanks” email. I was beginning to get a little bit discouraged (who wouldn’t?!) until finding solace with other writers online who went through the same depressing journey before finding The Agent. I’m also inspired knowing that most best-selling authors wrote as many as 5 books before getting published. So there is hope!! I’m now working on my second novel Diary of a Cheating Wife. Also starting to connect more with fellow writers, hence my reason for creating this blog.

Now that you have the whole updated story of my journey to publication, I’ll let you in on a few facts about me!!

1. I’m allergic to everything chocolate (except for men šŸ™‚ )
2. I’m afraid of the dark- an embarrassing trait for a woman in her 30’s.
4. When listening to music in my car alone, I sing so loud and hard that my throat is hoarse by the time I get to my destination.
4. I’m deathly afraid of cats. I don’t like things that sneak around and jump up out of nowhere, scaring me to death.
5. I’m secretly married to Prince William. (Kate’s just an insanely gorgeous stand in)

Most Embarrassing Moments:
1. Getting to the counter at the store only to realize I didn’t have as much money on me as I thought…while impatient customers wait in line behind me. Embarrassing is an understatement.
2. Trying to sneak and pass gas at a meeting, thinking it is going to be silent, and it turns out to be loud…and deadly.
3. Discovering I could do a split when falling in the rain in the mall parking lot…in front of about 20 people.


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