What I’ve Written

I’ve always loved a good drama or soap opera- be it on television or in a book. So, my writing is always full of good ole cheating, lying, murdering, and scandals!!!

My first (and hopefully debut) novel, SAVANNAH, is a spicy (borderline erotic!!!) story that follows the struggles and triumphs of main character, equestrian business heiress Harper Patterson, and the other 30 something’s in her home town of Savannah, Ga. It has the small town setting and flow of Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove Series, the wealthy character background and style of a Dominick Dunne novel, and the lusty provocativeness of K.M. Golland’s Temptation. It is filled with betrayals, tests of loyalty, and personal tribulations with each chapter ending on cliffhangers notes that pull you into reading just one more chapter! If you’re like me, and grow bored of following one character’s story, you’ll jump for joy over this one! And if you like sizzling soap opera type fiction that exposes the dramatic, exclusive lives of upper crust characters then this is the book for you. It’s a cross between Melrose Place and Dynasty- a lot of sex and money!

My sophomore novel, The Marriage Goddess, is a sexy, sarcastically humorous story that follows the unusually appealing life of Diana, a forty something advertising executive who has broken out of her demure insecurities and is looking to add spice to her predictable life as mother and wife. When she meets a vivacious celebrity chef, she foolishly gambles her secure lifestyle as a doctor’s wife to chase the exotic fantasy of being a famous star’s spouse. Now, married to two completely different men, and trying to successfully keep two separate lives going, Diana realizes she’s no award-winning actress. All of the lying is exhausting, and risky. What started out as a bold, yet fulfilling escapade is quickly heading for disaster. If she’s not careful, her greedy dabbling into greener pastures could end with murderous consequences. Calling all bored housewives!!!

Ivy League Madame is the first novel I’ve written that is geared towards a new adult (18-25) audience. It follows the story of Casey Whitehall, a flourishing Yale senior. She is on track to finishing her final year of college and going on to medical school when her father loses his high paying CEO job amidst a sexual harassment scandal. Now, her once prominent family is plagued by humiliating gossip and dwindling finances. With her father unable to cover her tuition, Casey must find a way to pay for her last semester of school. The latest local political scandal involving the governor and a pretty little escort peaks an interest in Casey’s mind. These powerful men were willing to pay thousands for one night with an attractive college co-ed. Casey couldn’t imagine selling her body for money, but what if she secretly opened her own service? She could quickly build her bank account while helping her fellow students make money. Before she knows it, Ivy Escorts is born. What was meant to be a temporary solution to pay tuition quickly turns into a lucrative money making machine. But all that glitters isn’t gold. Juggling a staff of money hungry escorts, an inquisitive boyfriend, and grueling medical classes is more than Casey signed up for. She realizes she has to decide which path she wants her life to take before all of her dreams for success are ruined by greed, envy, and betrayal.

I’m also working on a family saga that is based on the story of the rise, fall, and re-rise (is that a word?) of a family with roots in Carolina, oil, horses, and chaos. Narrated by the family matriarch who has just learned she has Alzheimer’s and wants to write a tell-all of her family’s drama and mischief before losing the memories, it exploits the betrayals, greed, lies, and triumphs of a small-town family revered by society as “prominent do-gooders”. This book is based on a true story, and I promise I will take no prisoners. So, Aunt XXXXX hold on to your panties!!


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